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Kevin Wren, founder of Wren Sports, has held senior management positions for industry leading companies including Shimano, Cannondale, Bell Sports, The Bike Cooperative and Kali Protectives. Focusing on product development, Kevin was instrumental in bringing to market the CODA Magic Motorcycle Cranks, Union TI-Dye Spokes and numerous other industry successes. Working for and learning from the industry's top companies has given Kevin a unique perspective on how to bring innovative ideas to market at the right price. 
Wren Sports, LLC is a sales, marketing, product development and sourcing company with extensive experience in the Bicycle, Motorcycle and Sports Recreation business. Wren Sports offers sales management for brands looking to grow in North America and in International Markets all over the world. Wren Sports is uniquely positioned to develop and manufacture cutting edge parts and accessories with our long-term manufacturing partners in Asia, Europe and the United States.

We are also riders. Up early and on the trail every morning before work. We may not be as fast or care-free as you dudes and dudettes any more, but we love every minute in the saddle and never stop thinking of how we can improve our ride.